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Health and Safety

Gem Construction Ltd

Statement of Company policy on Health, Safety and Welfare at work.

It is the policy of Gem Construction Ltd to do all that is reasonably practicable:


  • To protect all the employees, sub-contractors and others who may be affected by work operations, from risks to their health and safety.
  • To prevent any damage to property as a result of work operations.


In implementing this policy the Company aims to eliminate all work related accidents and ill health and to achieve the highest levels of operational performance.


The company believes that this policy can be achieved by compliance with statutory requirements and the promotion of on-going commitment by all employees and sub-contractors to the highest standard of health and safety.


In following this Policy the Company will:


  • Ensure that all personnel are informed about the policy and the organisation and arrangements for carrying it out, together with their own individual safety responsibilities.
  • Provide adequate resources and actively promote the highest standards of health, safety and welfare among employees and others associated with our work operations.
  • Actively promote employee participation in the establishment and observance of measures to improve their health, safety and welfare at work.
  • Ensure that where works are carried out with other contractors, safeguards are in place to protect all personnel.
  • Ensure that serious accidents and incidents are reported and thoroughly investigated. Everyone will be expected to co-operate in establishing the true cause so that the corrective procedure can be followed for recording them.
  • The Health and Safety Policy and procedure are reviewed regularly or as and when legislation changes



January 2011